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The 2022 Evidence Based Learning (EBL) Workshop will be held virtually on February 21 and 22, 2022.

This comprehensive, hands-on workshop will prepare education leaders to understand and explore evidence-based learning, evidence-based assessment, student-assessment-as learning, and how to implement EBL in higher education setting. Workshop attendees will develop a deep, practical understanding of how to:

Ensure Student Learning and Engagement: Consider the critical questions about educational principles while working to ensure meaningful learning outcomes and better learning experiences for students across diverse learning platforms.

Design Evidence Based Learning Strategies: Effectively develop authentic evidence-based assessment strategies and build systemic support.

Develop an Action Plan: Discuss practical approaches to further develop your unique curriculum and make it more responsive to diverse learners and real-world contexts.

Workshop Schedule

During the Workshop, participants will:

• Engage in hands-on work sessions and receive one-on-one assistance with their projects from experienced EBL experts.
• Gain insight from professionals with extensive experience designing and implementing assessment methods aimed at developing and assessing competencies.
• Gain insight from professionals with extensive experience designing and implementing assessment methods aimed at developing and assessing evidence.
• Observe student evidence of learning and learn firsthand how to foster student learning.
• Receive feedback on evidence-based assessment design, teaching practices, and curriculum.
• Workshop sessions begin at 10 a.m. and end by 4:30 p.m. (EST), with some additional material for you to review asynchronously.

Sessions include:

• From Principles to Practice: Transforming Learning
• Evidence Based Learning (EBL)
• Assessing Evidence of Learning
• Feedback and Evidence Based Assessment
• Designing Student Performance Assessments
• Implementing Evidence Based Learning Strategies in Higher Education
• Educational Technologies to Support for Evidence Based Learning
• Special interest work groups that are generally discipline-based
• Individual/Team Work Time


Our Workshop presenters are the experts in Evidence Based Learning (EBL). You will get to know our team and experience multiple opportunities for informal discussions addressing your specific questions and needs.

Evidence Based Learning (EBL) Workshop Registration Fees

Individual Rate: $1,295

Team Rate: $1,100 per person

(A team consists of two or more participants from the same institution.) Special pricing may be available for very large groups or for need-based discounts.
Please email mycorecompetency@gmail.com to discuss options.

Registration Deadline: February 14, 2022

Continuing Your Work After the Workshop

Do you need more time to reflect and work on a project or an area of inquiry with individualized consultation and support from MCC experts? Workshop participants will receive discounted MCC consulting rates for up to one year after the workshop.
Contact us to arrange for an MCC consultant at your campus.

For more information about the workshop, registration, or consultations,
email mycorecompetency@gmail.com